Monday, June 7, 2010

Ivan Grech says "show your heart and help Intercept Poverty"

Intercept Poverty is grateful for the time and support given recently by Ivan Grech, lead singer of Winter Moods. Ivan recently took time out around the time and release of his latest album to step out wearing the Intercept Poverty tee shirt and encourage others to do the same and "get involved" with Intercept Poverty.

Why? Because Intercept Poverty is small and independent, because it has specific links to supporting the work done in East Africa, by Maltese Women. Because of these factors, he was eager to involve himself and learn more about Intercept Poverty.

Home grown in Malta with a global view, Ivan really showed his heart and encouraged others to do the same. In the video interview soon to be released on the website he encourages people to get involved and says "Show your heart and help Intercept Poverty"

Thank you Ivan, God Bless You!

And if you'd like to get involved, you can donate, you can buy a tee shirt, you can create or attend an event, you can travel to Ethiopia and volunteer. Contact us to find out more at

Ivan Grech | Intercept Poverty

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Meti's Intercept Poverty Talk | Rotary Clusters

Meti has recently joined Intercept Poverty's Speaker Crew. Meti will be speaking at a Rotary Club Cluster Meeting in Melbourne on Saturday 19th of September.
Her topic is "Angels Children's Home - Addis Ababa". Meti will share her passion and personal goals for raising awareness and funds for Angel Children's Home in Addis Ababa. Intercept Poverty's role is to contribute to the resourcing, enabling and skilling of the boys at Angel Children's Home so they are self reliant and can secure their own future. Through Metis' efforts, the plight of 21 beautiful boys within within Angel Children's Home now have the chance to be further supported to grow their life and problem solving skills and then as they grow up make a solid contribution to their local community in years to come.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Profit For People :: Micro-Franchising

I see franchising as an economic stimulant. So why don't we use franchise thinking in the replication of problem solving models for underdeveloped communities?

Micro Franchising and Social Entrepreneurship

Articles we have been working on for some time have now been published in Business Franchise Magazine. My end game with these articles has been to link the private sector (starting with Australia and New Zealand) with this notion of problem solving through replicable business style models.

This of course takes the focus away from philanthropy and toward a for profit model. This will take problem solving and committment of the resources from within business' leadership teams to use some of their discretionary time and energy to make a significant difference in the world.

A big thanks to David Stoker in the USA who has been a 'via skype' supporter and more recently Rosemary Hermans who has come on board to assist with some research. I will post up the article links soon.

This has been a series that evolved from Solutions thinking savvy, to the Art of Stretch, A franchise that 'gives back' and then What's Micro-Franchising, to now Are you a BoPreneur, Social Intrapreneur or Social Entrenpreneur?.

This work serves to bridge the gap between private sector know how and problem solving in underdeveloped communities.

It is when we share the know how (and apply it) that the world can be whole and in integrity with itself.

Until then, we wrestle.

And those of us who are problem solvers, will continue to solve problems, enrole, encourage and inspire others to do the same. Big Love ~ Tanya

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

About Rosemary Hermans

Intercept Poverty is delighted to announce the appointment of Rosemary Hermans as Head of Research for Intercept Poverty.

After several years of working with a leading International NGO, completing a Masters in International and Community development and travelling to over 36 countries on this amazing planet, Rosemary has settled back to Melbourne with her husband and two children.

Determined to be a successful parent alongside more study and a business, she still believes that we all, herself included, have enough time and energy left over to make a difference and help improve this world, particularly for the world’s most poor. Committed to increased human and social capital, it’s Rosemary’s vision to have a civil society that is vibrant and proactive alongside all people whom have their needs, hopes and dreams met and aspire to a more peaceful and harmonious world.