Monday, August 4, 2008

Intercept Red Tape - Supporting Kidane Mehret Children's Home Ethiopia Africa

Support takes many forms including: sponsorship, donation, volunteering and adoption.

Adam our son, lived at Kidane Mehret until we collected him from there in 2004.
Sr. Lutgarda and Sr. Camilla have become like our Maltese Family in Africa now.
Family is our initial connection to Ethiopia. Our hearts have grown for the many other children still there, who in some ways become family.

This recent trip forged long term bonds and we are expanding these connections through Intercept Poverty.

The Babies room and Junior School are our support focus now.

Here is the place for a very special mention to Williamstown Primary School who have just run with "Milk-Powder for Chocolate Babies" Program.
Raising funds for the supply of baby forumlae for the babies at Kidane.

The problem solving and initiative that comes from the minds of the children at Williamstown Primary has been extraordinary.

The initiatives have included, a film festival and designing wrappings for used formula tins which will become gold coin collection tins.

The children, the teachers, the parents, the community have really got behind this project.

Our aims are to create a supply of money to the orphanage for the specific purpose of baby formula.

The children are benefiting from understanding life in Africa and specifically Ethiopia.

We have friends whose children come from Ethiopia. If it had not been for formula,the children were just so very sick. Formula is the opportunity to get nourishment into these babies who then have a chance to develop into a better standard of potential and life.

Formula is one key ingredient in the self reliance chain.

If you would like to know how you could help us get to our target please contact us at

Tools For Teachers Program: We have just had our first Volunteer do a needs assessment for Intercept Poverty. She spent two weeks with the teacher at the junior school. Carol trained as a teacher and is from Williamstown. On her return we will evaluate how to prioritise next steps and move to action.

Sending other volunteers to establish and replicate our teacher development programs in partnership with Kidane is a very exciting prospect.

We have establised links with Carr's Travel Service (American Express Travel Service) in the smooth travel arrangements to Addis Ababa.

Our people on the ground in Addis, take care of the volunteers when they arrive, ensuring they have touch stones in Addis on arrival.

If you are interested to understand more, please email us at

For more information on Kidane Mehret Orphanage


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