Thursday, August 7, 2008

WellWishers Ethiopia - Practical Immediate Solutions That Save and Extend Life

Ever been thirsty? I mean really thirsty. In parts of Ethiopia, in some remote villages, thirst, sickness and death are a way of life. All because they just don't have access to water like we do. Now, I don't know about you, but I am not really happy about that. How come, in this day and age, when we can send rockets to the moon, we can't get water to everybody? Hmmmm?

When I stop and think about it. Really think about it, I'd like to do something to change that. Wouldn't you?

Next time you are thirsty and you go to pour yourself a glass of cool refreshing clean drinkable water - can you please think about that just for a second?

This is not a guilt trip so much as a way to get you to think about it so you can then move to action and help solve the problem. Because there is a solution.

It's not hopeless you know. We are the solution.

There are many ways you or your organisation can help to build towards a Water well on the ground. You can add tremendous value. You can cut through red tape and have some direct inputs here.

Imagine if you had a project team at the office who just got together and decided to raise some funds? What about an afterwork drinks fund? Instead of having that extra one more drink' after work, you popped the coins that you'd normally slip into the hand of a barman into the tin? And then week on week, build that little tin fund up with your colleagues?

You know, did some stuff to get some money together towards a waterwell?
Bottom line?

About $6,000 puts a well in the ground.

I recently interviewed Ross Allan, Founder of WellWishers Ethiopia. Here's a Social Entrepreneur doing something to make a difference. Let's give him a hand.

To find out more and exactly where the money goes -
visit Why? Because water is life.

Thanks guys, Tanya

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