Wednesday, August 27, 2008

WellWishers FundRaiser at Harambe Sold Out!

On Thursday 4th of September Harambe Ethiopian Restaurant, Footscray, Victoria, Australia, will play host to a vibrant gathering of peoples from all walks of life. They gather together to raise funds and awareness for WellWishers and the wonderful work it does installing water wells in Ethiopia, East Africa.

Money raised will go towards placing a Well in the ground to provide running water for around 1000 villagers in a remote part of Northern Ethiopia. With very special thanks to Chantelle Masci of Masci Hair, and Rod and Leonie of Melbourne Seaplanes for their genrous donations as well as Colin and Vivienne of Carma Cellars in South Melbourne. Thank you to Mr.Tessema Restaurant owner.

Intercept Poverty is proud to support this fantastic work being led by Ross Allen founder of WellWishers.

We look forward to listening to East African Grooves and Tasting the Traditions of Ehtiopian Food.

A big thank-you to our Intercept Victoria Business Team for putting together a table of 9 to support this worthy cause and great event!

We trust this will stimulate more good will in the world, innovation and ways to problem solve in the world where it counts.

For more information on WellWishers visit or

If you are interested in running a fundraising dinner in your area - please get in touch via our websites.

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