Saturday, September 20, 2008

Something About Mary

Mary has been on board with the Intercept Poverty team for some time.
Mary gives talks to Schools, Womens Groups and Community Groups.
She speaks about Leadership and Personal Resilience, drawing on personal
experience as a refugee from Ehtiopia.
She offers insight into the cultural nuances from the African, Ethiopian perspective.
Mary speaks a number of languages including Russian, Arabic & Amharic.

In addition to assisting with co-ordination of trips to Addis Ababa,
liasing with our contacts on the ground there, she is renowned for her traditional Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony.

If you are interested or curious to hear Mary speak - get intouch.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Intercept Volunteer Program - Victoria Australia Auditions

Intercept Poverty exists to

1. take problem solving skill and ideas from extreme(unusual) to mainstream
2. create movement that will intercept poverty at root cause
3. build a chain of problem solving people

There are Problem Solving Strategies we can all adopt to intercept poverty.
Depending on your capacity you can take on something that fits your own style, time and resources.

We attract like minded people who are interested in doing this work and sharing the message, educating others, being a light and getting the world's juices flowing to intercept poverty.

We see the amazing opporutnity in developing world for business as well as making a difference, we call this make a difference, make a buck.

We educate and promote awareness on:
1. The UN Millenium Development Goals on path for achievement to 2015
2. High impact entreprenership with a social purpose (Social Entreprenurship)
3. Root cause problem solving activities that are happening in the world now
4. Support Problem Solving People in the third world
(Our on the ground partners) a) Coach them - Phone/Speak (b)Visit them
5. Support Communities, Schools, Business, Franchising with ideas and insight
6. Share specific models that work and have worked
7. Take high impact people delegations on trips to our partner locations

In Australia:

We do this by firestarting community programs driven & delivering presentations in:
1. Schools
2. Local communities
3. Business'
4. Home

Our Search
We are searching for 6 Star energetic presenters who are willing to be lights in the
Victorian community and be trained to present both the 20 minute and 40 minute Intercept Poverty message.

This is a pilot, if this works, you will potentially be training people in other states.

You will use your initiative and innovation to work on ways with us to get our message out there in all media forms.
This is a fabulous way to get business experience.

In return - you will be *trained and given support in
- presentation skills
- coaching skills
- global awareness
- strategic thinking
- management thinking
- working in a team

As part of the problem solving crew you will be asked to:
Follow the InterceptPoverty method and message for delivering presentations.
wearing the message (Intercept poverty & Problem solving people tee shirts)
consider volunteering and travelling to East Africa to our on ground partners & understand opportunities
learn about franchising as a key instrument to interceptpoverty

If you have some time on your hands and believe you have what it takes and you live in Victoria Australia and are prepared to give time in exchange for skills:

Please contact by email: Heading in Email - "Application to Audition"
Chantelle Zei - Intercept Poverty Volunteer and Program Co-Ordinator
We are ramping up for a big 2009, so get your emails in now:
Tell us about you and your skills and talents
Auditions start December

*Our Parent Brand - Intercept - has for 12 years been in the coaching and speaking market, building leadership, problemsolving skills and capability in business leaders in Autralia and Overseas.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Problem Solving People Song

Problem Solving People is a very catchy song, it stays with you. To learn more about the Problem Solving People Song, in particular lyrics to the kid's version of- Problem Solving People go to

P.S. If you live in Williamstown, CD's are available for sale at Seagulls Bookshop in Nelson Place

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Enough Funds For 2 Wells Raised for Ethiopia!

Congratulations to all involved in fantastic event raising money enough for 2 wells for 2 Villages in Ethiopia. It was just fabulous being there on the night with Graham, Ross and Paul - the original dream team - only months after an initial cup of coffee a few months ago to get the event in Melbourne going!

A fantastic night was had by all. Trully a memorable evening. A big thank-you to Leonie and Rod from Melbourne Sea Planes and Chantelle Masci for Masci Hair for their generous contributions of donations that assisted in raising much needed funds for WellWishers.

Thank-you for being supporters of WellWishers through Intercept Poverty!

A special mention to Chantelle Zei for all her organising for us.
And once again, a big thank-you to Richard Margolis and the Intercept Victoria for doing Intercept Business proud and representing Victoria!!

Good Works Work! Tanya