Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Enough Funds For 2 Wells Raised for Ethiopia!

Congratulations to all involved in fantastic event raising money enough for 2 wells for 2 Villages in Ethiopia. It was just fabulous being there on the night with Graham, Ross and Paul - the original dream team - only months after an initial cup of coffee a few months ago to get the event in Melbourne going!

A fantastic night was had by all. Trully a memorable evening. A big thank-you to Leonie and Rod from Melbourne Sea Planes and Chantelle Masci for Masci Hair for their generous contributions of donations that assisted in raising much needed funds for WellWishers.

Thank-you for being supporters of WellWishers through Intercept Poverty!

A special mention to Chantelle Zei for all her organising for us.
And once again, a big thank-you to Richard Margolis and the Intercept Victoria for doing Intercept Business proud and representing Victoria!!

Good Works Work! Tanya

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