Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sister Schools Pen Pal Program

Earlier this year, the junior school council in conjunction with some passionate teaching staff at Williamstown Primary School got behind Interept Poverty's linkages to Kidane Mehret Children's

Home and School in Ethiopia. The aim is to create cross cultural awareness and develop problem solving skills across the world. To build a human chain of problem solving people!

This month, one of Intercept Poverty's volunteers Carol Henderson (A former student of Williamstown Primary School) returned from visiting Kidane Mehret Junior School where she established the first exchange of letters from the African children to children at Williamstown Primary School. Returning will letters and photographs from east Africa!

This is an exciting first step from an idea to reality!

So to Carol Henderson and to Kellie Walker of Williamstown Primary School - Intercept Poverty says a big thank-you for getting this moving... 2009 can now expand into further correspondence and exchange in the Sister Schools connection thought up by the Williamstown Primary School Junior School Council earlier this year!

Carol brought us back an update that Kidane Mehret always needs help with funding for books at the school. Maybe this can be a focus for problem solving in 2009?

Thank-you Everybody from the Intercept Poverty Team for your problem solving skills!


Intercept Poverty Explores Micro-Franchising for Ethiopia

Key Team members from Intercept Poverty's Melbourne team head to East Africa late December for a month. This trip has two aims.

Aim one is to deliver the funds we have accumulated for specific projects, make purchases and deliver these to our partners in Addis.

Aim two is to develop existing partnerships on the ground in Addis Ababa Ethiopia and explore specific opportunities for Micro-Franchising.

"While we have existing relationships, we are receiving enquiries from people in Kenya who are interested in exploring ways to micro-franchise there as well".
Chantelle Zei, program co-ordinator for Intercept Poverty.

The projects to be explored seem to have good viability. Time will tell.
That's what makes this trip so exciting for Intercept Poverty.

It will use this trip to further it's time and resource into replicable systems to do with Water, Food, Wellbeing and Education and the current focus of East Africa.