Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Addis Birhan Youth HIV/AIDS Education Programme, East Africa

Intercept Poverty would like to introduce the Addis Birhan Programme to you.

Addis Birhan means 'New Light'. We are grateful to report we have located a suitable partner to support our passion for life skills in young people in Africa.

This particular program is congruent with our philosophy of empowerment and root cause problem solving. It is also synergistic with the Insights shared in our Intercept Programs, Intercept Poverty's parent brand.

We have spent time understanding the outcomes and ways this program is run and as such have committed to make our networks aware of its existence so it can attract funding and interest for expansion.

The curriculum and insight delivered to school age students in East Africa is not only empowering and enlightening but trully life changing.

The Mission of the Addis Birhan Programme is:

"To work to build the self confidence of young people in Ethiopia by accompanying them in acquiring knowledge, skills and understanding of themselves and their society.
The Fruits of this self-confidence will be the ability of young people to protect themselves from various diseases especially HIV/AIDS, the capacity to change themselves and others and to become empowered to use their full personal potential."

Who is this programme for?

This programme is prepared for school going youth in the age range 11-18 years and provides ideas for youth in key aspects of their daily life.

There are five key components:-

1. Personal Development:
This part allows students to learn about their personal growth and to practice life skills.

2. Sexuality Education:
Anatomy, physiology, fertility and parenthood, values and responsibility, abortion, STI's, contraception

3. Value Choices and Formation:
Values - where do they come from etc?

4. Gender:
Gender in culture, society, law, economy, media, gender roles

Education and understanding of HIV/AIDS that "breaks the silence" and encourages
young people to actively assist those affected and infected by HIV/AIDS

The Addis Birhan Youth HIV/AIDS Education Programme has been successfully piloted now in
both private and public school contexts within a variety of religious as well as non-religious contexts (schools) for the past 2 years.

The Vision of Addis Birhan Youth HIV/AIDS Education Programme

The young generation of Ethiopians shall have a deep faith in God, a bright future, a healthy life and become responsible and independent citizens.

This program is the brain child of Sister Connie, an Australian woman, living in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. We will hear more from Sr. Connie soon.

We are grateful to Sr. Connie for her hospitality and care in explaining her work as we build our partnership to support this incredible work. We are impressed with the vision for a perpetual system so that this program can continue and is not dependent on any one individual.

It follows a train the trainer or franchise like model, where Program Leaders (educators) are trained and the knowledge is passed on so it can be replicated and expanded. This program is NOT dependent on any one key educator. The program content is powerful.

Intercept Poverty will assist in raising awareness in Australia and other places about this work and supporting the coaching, facilitation and presentation skills of the program leaders in East Africa.

If you are considering volunteering with Intercept Poverty or are interested in getting involved in supporting this program, please contact:

Chantelle Zei
Program Co-Ordinator
Intercept Poverty

The Missing Drop

Our month in Ethiopia was a most incredible experience. There is much to write about....

In the meantime, I reflect on a quotation that inspired me so much.
It was on the wall of one particular Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity facility in ASCO which cares for orphan children. Many of which have HIV in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia.

I understand there are some 400 children at this particular centre. As one of the Sisters was showing us the facility and introducing us to some of the children, we passed the following quotation on the wall accompanied by a photograph of Mother Teresa.
It simply jumped out at me and spoke to my heart.

We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean.

But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.