Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A picture paints a thousand words - Milk Powder Program

We recently returned from Ethiopia. While we were there, one of the absolute pleasurable jobs the Intercept Poverty team had to do was shop for the Milk Powder with the money raised in Australia.

A very very big thank-you to the Williamstown Primary School and Williamstown Community, Victoria Australia. Your donations and gifts have enabled us to launch this incredibly important and rewarding problem solving program.

We can confirm that the effort and attention put on the individual activities to fundraise (the toy sales, the money instead of birthday presents, the busking, the entertaining, the gifts and donations) surely made a difference and solved a problem for the Orphanage in East Africa.

There is more to do, but we are well on the way to ensuring a constant supply of Milk Powder arrives safely where it's needed most for these babies.

This is the first step in nutrition for these babies. Our hope is that the nutrition supplied as a substitute for breast milk (from Mother's they no longer have access to) gives these babies a strong chance at a healthy life.

Enjoy the pictures below.


Intercept Poverty Delivers on Milk Powder Program to East African Babies

Intercept Poverty team in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Stocking up for the purchase


Milk Powder at the Orphanage

Achievement, gratefulness and joy

Ivon and Chantelle cuddle the Beautiful Beautiful Babies

Chantelle, baby and a very grateful Sr. Camilla

Sr. shows us the urgency and need for 0-6 months