Sunday, March 29, 2009

Richard Branson's Doing it too! by Tanya Lacy

I was twittering today and discovered Richard Branson has launched an entreprenur school in South Africa. Now while we know Mr. Branson is a marketing wizz and doesn't need Intercept or Intercept Poverty promoting him, I just love the fact that our vision is being also done by someoneone as prolific as Branson. I just posted 'We are not alone' on interceptentreprenur blog and have also posted up an article this month on social impact business via the social entrepreneruship + micro franchise combination.
Click here to see the article . So the combination of Intercept's Leadership & Entreprise solutions business , as well as it's high social impact & service work are really working a treat. The best is yet to come. If you are just teetering about getting involved with us, just contact us and do something!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

www.I am because we

Was just posting up some youtube footage about Intercept when I came across this - Madonna's:: I am because we are. She's just put this documentary film out about Children with AIDS.

Monday, March 23, 2009

English Conversation in Ethiopia :: Volunteer Program

We are thrilled to announce our newest program :: English Conversation in Ethiopia.

Through centre's director in Addis Ababa, we have have established relationship with 4 schools that all require the opportunity to converse and practice english. These schools have 6,000 students or 1500 each school.

This our newest initiative and partnership which promises to offer Intercept Poverty
a wonderful experience of adding value in Ethiopia as well as having an exceptional cultural exchange.

From our newest Intercept Poverty partner and Director of the 4 Schools in Addis Ababa:

We had a very nice discussion about your program and our schools in Ethiopia"..."I am very impressed by your vision and mission to elevate the life of poor ....which I am fully behind you.
We, have four schools in Ethiopia. We teach from grade 1-12 We have 1500 students in each of our schools.

Our students would like to learn and speak English language. We could not get voulnteers who could teach our kids English Conversation.

Therefore, we kindly ask you and your organization to send us volunteers who could teach English Conversation or English Spoken so that our students will improve their speaking skills and give them good basics.

We would like to have volunteers who can speak good English, who are ready to serve our students with full zeal.

Thanks for your collaboration, in advance.

God bless
Br. McFantaye - Director Gebermikael Center

As you can see this is very exctiing to touch the lives of many. If you would like to get involved and volunteer in Ethiopia, please let us know.

Program Co-Ordinator

Intercept Poverty:: Sharing Stories on Africa Projects

Donors and Supporters :: Enjoying an Evening with Intercept Poverty

Chantelle Zei Speaking at Benefit Event

Chantelle Zei Speaking at our Intercept Poverty Benefit Event

Friday, March 20, 2009

It wouldn't take much to rescue those living in extreme poverty, says Peter Singer. If the top 90 percent of Americans gave at least one percent of their income we could reach the Millennium Development Goals.

Monday, March 16, 2009


Sunday Evening March 8th:: 65 individuals, seated as strangers and left as friends. Gathering together to hear inspiring stories of women on the ground in Addis Ababa Ethiopia whose initiatives and leadership change lives!

The feelng in the room was palpable. The evening was a real success. Many were inspired and educated as promised. Sharing stories of true poverty alleviation, with love passion and a whole lot more.

While we tasted exotic food and listened to the grooves of Sandi Fav and friends, all pulled together by our MC Heather Sharp. It was a fun and inspiring night, thoroughly informative and enjoyable. Facts, figures and feelings were shared.

We raised $2800 from this night, 100% of which goes to Intercept Programs. Intercept Poverty would like to say a big thank-you to all our sponsors and supporter for this evening.

Without you, we could not have made this happen. We received texts, emails and messages of thanks and appreciation for eyes being opened and inspiration shared. "The night was uplifting", "I learned so much", "keep us posted on the next event", "well organised, great work".

We also secured an SBS radio interview for Intercept Poverty and specifically addressing African Women and Refugee issues, so thank-you all for your interest and support.

The encouragement and feedback has been terrific and spurs us along for our next event. So watch this space!

Of course, if you are considering a trip keep intouch, we have quite a few ideas from the night and will be intouch to let you know of what's next!

Thank-you once again, for making our vision, a human chain of problem solving people - come true!

Good works work! Tanya and the team at

Did I say thank-you for your support? :)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Intercept indifference. No school today?

These children, if they were in a 'developed' country, would be dying to get out of school. Instead, they are dying to get into a school. Or will they just die?

Their families are too poor to pay for school and in addition, they are needed to work on the farm to help the family survive. What can be done?

We at Intercept Poverty are working to present alternative opportunities to the likes of the adults in the lives of these children.

Alternative thinking, alternative possibility. This is generational change, but by sharing entrepreneurial thinking rather than handout's thinking or 'job's we will over time, give families legitimate opportunity for emotional and economic stability.

Intercept presents new ways to solve old problems with what we call 'Eternal enterprise'. The first step in this is creating the opportunity and cirumstances to engage with men and women in these rural communities. for more. Help us, help them, to help themselves. To get involved: