Monday, March 16, 2009


Sunday Evening March 8th:: 65 individuals, seated as strangers and left as friends. Gathering together to hear inspiring stories of women on the ground in Addis Ababa Ethiopia whose initiatives and leadership change lives!

The feelng in the room was palpable. The evening was a real success. Many were inspired and educated as promised. Sharing stories of true poverty alleviation, with love passion and a whole lot more.

While we tasted exotic food and listened to the grooves of Sandi Fav and friends, all pulled together by our MC Heather Sharp. It was a fun and inspiring night, thoroughly informative and enjoyable. Facts, figures and feelings were shared.

We raised $2800 from this night, 100% of which goes to Intercept Programs. Intercept Poverty would like to say a big thank-you to all our sponsors and supporter for this evening.

Without you, we could not have made this happen. We received texts, emails and messages of thanks and appreciation for eyes being opened and inspiration shared. "The night was uplifting", "I learned so much", "keep us posted on the next event", "well organised, great work".

We also secured an SBS radio interview for Intercept Poverty and specifically addressing African Women and Refugee issues, so thank-you all for your interest and support.

The encouragement and feedback has been terrific and spurs us along for our next event. So watch this space!

Of course, if you are considering a trip keep intouch, we have quite a few ideas from the night and will be intouch to let you know of what's next!

Thank-you once again, for making our vision, a human chain of problem solving people - come true!

Good works work! Tanya and the team at

Did I say thank-you for your support? :)

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