Monday, March 2, 2009

Intercept indifference. No school today?

These children, if they were in a 'developed' country, would be dying to get out of school. Instead, they are dying to get into a school. Or will they just die?

Their families are too poor to pay for school and in addition, they are needed to work on the farm to help the family survive. What can be done?

We at Intercept Poverty are working to present alternative opportunities to the likes of the adults in the lives of these children.

Alternative thinking, alternative possibility. This is generational change, but by sharing entrepreneurial thinking rather than handout's thinking or 'job's we will over time, give families legitimate opportunity for emotional and economic stability.

Intercept presents new ways to solve old problems with what we call 'Eternal enterprise'. The first step in this is creating the opportunity and cirumstances to engage with men and women in these rural communities. for more. Help us, help them, to help themselves. To get involved:

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