Friday, July 24, 2009

Profit For People :: Micro-Franchising

I see franchising as an economic stimulant. So why don't we use franchise thinking in the replication of problem solving models for underdeveloped communities?

Micro Franchising and Social Entrepreneurship

Articles we have been working on for some time have now been published in Business Franchise Magazine. My end game with these articles has been to link the private sector (starting with Australia and New Zealand) with this notion of problem solving through replicable business style models.

This of course takes the focus away from philanthropy and toward a for profit model. This will take problem solving and committment of the resources from within business' leadership teams to use some of their discretionary time and energy to make a significant difference in the world.

A big thanks to David Stoker in the USA who has been a 'via skype' supporter and more recently Rosemary Hermans who has come on board to assist with some research. I will post up the article links soon.

This has been a series that evolved from Solutions thinking savvy, to the Art of Stretch, A franchise that 'gives back' and then What's Micro-Franchising, to now Are you a BoPreneur, Social Intrapreneur or Social Entrenpreneur?.

This work serves to bridge the gap between private sector know how and problem solving in underdeveloped communities.

It is when we share the know how (and apply it) that the world can be whole and in integrity with itself.

Until then, we wrestle.

And those of us who are problem solvers, will continue to solve problems, enrole, encourage and inspire others to do the same. Big Love ~ Tanya