Thursday, September 17, 2009

Meti's Intercept Poverty Talk | Rotary Clusters

Meti has recently joined Intercept Poverty's Speaker Crew. Meti will be speaking at a Rotary Club Cluster Meeting in Melbourne on Saturday 19th of September.
Her topic is "Angels Children's Home - Addis Ababa". Meti will share her passion and personal goals for raising awareness and funds for Angel Children's Home in Addis Ababa. Intercept Poverty's role is to contribute to the resourcing, enabling and skilling of the boys at Angel Children's Home so they are self reliant and can secure their own future. Through Metis' efforts, the plight of 21 beautiful boys within within Angel Children's Home now have the chance to be further supported to grow their life and problem solving skills and then as they grow up make a solid contribution to their local community in years to come.

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